Monday, April 18, 2011

2011 Classification Competition

The tentative date for Serdang Rhythmic Angels's  2011 Classification Competition is on the May 2011. This is the first day of the mid-term school holidays. This is a new approach to allow parents to bring their children for holidays after the test.

 So, from now on, training will go into full gear with all coaches aiming to prepare their gymnasts for at least 2 routines. However, only gymnasts who are consistently attending training as well as mentally and physically ready will be considered for the grading. Some caoches may arrange for extra training to ensure their gymnasts are better prepared for the upcoming classsification.

Please take note that the entry forms will be distributed as soon as possible. With that, we hope to get the support and cooperation of the parents to hand in the form early to avoid any last minute preparations.

Together, we hope to make this SRA Classification Competition a success! Thank you.

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