Sunday, July 1, 2012

List of Juniors for 2012 Angel Cup

This is the current list of participants for the Junior category. We are still waiting for the submission of the names of the gymnasts from several teams.
  1. Akira Sampei (Shoin, Japan)
  2. Ai Yamashita (Shoin, Japan)
  3. Moe Inui (Try RG, Japan)
  4. Yuzuki Hoshigami (Sapporo MEG. RG, Japan)
  5. Ping Wen, Chang (Quiao Xiao, Taiwan)
  6. Man Chi, Ou (Quiao Xiao, Taiwan)
  7. Tzu Wen, Li (Shuang Long, Taiwan)
  8. Chia Hui, Sung (Shuang Long, Taiwan)
  9. Clementine Hutchison (XtremeRhythmiX, New Zealand)
  10. Songkran Maneewong (Sattra RG, Thailand)
  11. Yeo Siew Lyn (Singapore Gymnastics Federation)
  12. Nur Fatini Bt Anuar (Singapore Gymnastics Federation)
  13. Noelle Goh (Singapore Gymnastics Federation)
  14. Yasmin Qaisara Van Es (SV PAX Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands)
  15. Mikhaela Kristen Silverio (Gymnastics Association of the Philippines)
  16. Chu Lok Yee (King's Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy, Hong Kong)
  17. Tam Wai Tsz (King's Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy, Hong Kong)
  18. Loo Shiow Yng
  19. Yap Qian Ling
  20. Natasya Julyana Azaruddin (SRA, Malaysia)
  21. Ong Shir Li (SRA, Malaysia)
  22. Tham Pei En (SRA, Malaysia)
  23. Kwan Yen Nan (SRA, Malaysia)
  24. Loh Xiao Tian  (SRA, Malaysia)
  25. Andrea Koh (SRA, Malaysia)
  26. Chum Jie Leng (SRA, Malaysia)
  27. Izzah Bt Amzan (SRA, Malaysia)
  28. Alice Masdewi Cheah (SRA, Malaysia)

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